🦈 Shark Hank’s Underwater Adventure - Talking Tom Gold Run NEW UPDATE (Gameplay) 

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Dive, dive, DIVE! Grab your underwater gear and let’s go play Talking Tom Gold Run! Get ready to meet the NEW CHARACTER Shark Hank and explore the mysterious underwater world in the NEW UPDATE.
Ride the epic jet streams and get a boost from the bubble jets. But watch out for the sunken pirate ships! Don’t let anything get in between you and the champion’s trophy!
Download now and dive for the gold in Talking Tom Gold Run! outfit7.com/apps/download/ttgr-yt-description
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I’m Talking Tom, and I’m the original talking tomcat. It’s great you’ve stopped by. If there’s fun to be had, this cool cat and my friends are probably having all of it!

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Stay awesome guys,
Tom :)

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Talking Tom is also known as: Sprechender Kater Tom, Tom qui parle, Tom Falante, Tom el gato parlante, Konuşan Tom, توم المتكلم
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Talking Tom
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Give this a 👍 if you think Shark Hank looks shark-tastic!
Nessro Kakouche
Magdalena Bieniecka
@Ada De liz Aquino Ugbbj
Magdalena Bieniecka
2fh xcfttfggtfcffffxa G🤩😘🦧🐕🐈🦚🐸🌹💮🌷⚘🌲🍁🌺🦠🐝🤸‍♀️🤺🕴👨‍👧‍👦💑💏👬🌵🌴🍃🍂🐞🦗🕷🐳🐋🐬🦋🐠🐛🦈🐉🦩🦉🐤🦢🐥🐤🐤🐅🐅⚘🌾🧱🏬🏞🏣🏡🏠🏟🏛🧱🏖🎏🎐🎈🏉🏈🥉🎖🏅🎑🥎🏆🎖⚾️🥎🥎
Madelinem Vasquez
Ade Susanti
Susan Oconnell
Susan Oconnell 3 hónapja
I have shark hank and splashy tom
P.R.C. Channel
P.R.C. Channel 3 hónapja
the sea is my favorite place its a win win
HalsToe2 Gaming Gamer
Tom Atuatic Update: Hi Me: Repeats Video To Non-Stop
Zahra Abubakar
Zahra Abubakar 3 hónapja
Rwjettiti6i3ii................................................jdjfjfufufuuguutututtuutuuttutututututututututuututtutututuuttututu riirititifituguuýyuyuutuyu.......in...........................m.. nvktkg rhjruyjjyitithttjtjgjgiyyjjyuuuiyituuiuuiìiuuiyiuiiuuiiyuiyjjjjtummmmmmmmmm
Suwatinee Katkeaw
Suwatinee Katkeaw 4 hónapja
delpbskids fanatic
delpbskids fanatic 4 hónapja
Start the store to get sartyu
zaja samirel
zaja samirel 4 hónapja
Is my favorite world
Waw hang
Talking Tom Hano 2
Talking Tom Hano 2 4 hónapja
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 5 hónapja
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 5 hónapja
😠 No
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 5 hónapja
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 5 hónapja
MFE 254
Talking Tom Hano 2
Talking Tom Hano 2 5 hónapja
Underwater explore the world
Bikash Kumar Nayak
Bikash Kumar Nayak 5 hónapja
Iam Talking Tom gold run enemy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 PLease belivet it Please 😢don't Like it
Quyet Mai
Quyet Mai 5 hónapja
I love this game talking Tom gold run
laura noely guerra
laura noely guerra 5 hónapja
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Nevena Nikolova 5 hónapja
Lau Bee kiow
Lau Bee kiow 5 hónapja
Afroza Moni
Afroza Moni 5 hónapja
Afroza Moni
Afroza Moni 5 hónapja
Talking Tom Hano 2
Talking Tom Hano 2 6 hónapja
Robber its'So scare to shark hank
Itz kin Official
Itz kin Official 6 hónapja
Haha the thumbnail is like My Talking Tom2
Itz kin Official
Itz kin Official 6 hónapja
Hey @Talking tom youre Viral in ads
oddbods video
oddbods video 7 hónapja
I all redey got hank shark
Alex Antonio Alvarado Morales
Tube al tiburón pero en la actualización
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Tan Andy 8 hónapja
I give you 19999999999999999990000000000 subscribers
Tan Andy
Tan Andy 8 hónapja
I will subscribe you 100 billion subscribers
Edu Rivera Quevedo
Edu Rivera Quevedo 8 hónapja
Hay gente que dice que el juego tiene virus
Edu Rivera Quevedo
Edu Rivera Quevedo 8 hónapja
Y no sé si sea cierto
o lucas e Liegeee
o lucas e Liegeee 10 hónapja
masterangel 45
masterangel 45 11 hónapja
Top 10 break logic number 1 talking tom gold rush shark hank underwater adventure
La Ranita Loca
You guys should the Full Talking Tom Gold run Soundtrack, its very Awesome and could make you win millions of Viewers!
Shakibul Alam
Shakibul Alam 3 hónapja
Nur Aziz
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Minta permainna
حافظ الدراجي
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Xuất bản 18 thg 7, 2019
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I hope that there is a event coming where we can get a free character except the special ones
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke Évvel
0:13 0:14 0:15 meet shark hank the explorer of the sea
Bridget Osawaru
Shark hank is the best character in the game and underwater!!!!!!!
ngochieu vu
ngochieu vu Évvel
A͙r͙i͙n͙a͙ l͙i͙f͙e͙
Badet Tayag
Badet Tayag Évvel
What about a costume he really loves sharks
Falguni Mutsuddi
Zoe the Pop star!
Falguni Mutsuddi 🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♂️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️
Perla Rodríguez
lo boy a descargar
حمد نشاد
Zoe the Pop star!
WOW! I just love the fact that talking Tom gold run is under water, this is soo cool!!!🐬🧜🏻‍♂️🐚🧜🏻‍♀️✨
cyann faye borsoto bonquin
mark mitra
mark mitra Évvel
Hey talking Tom how to buy cracter?
Zoe the Pop star!
mark mitra I don’t know how to respond of that, but I have purchased a lot of talking Tom and friends characters on talking Tom gold run!
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
Love Tom.. ❤❤
Sandraleite Leite
Yksiroyadi ujdjisegoehdi kfh jfhjgwuri krbhlf ikeddoprhe d9jud hoje idjlwodhei id hdduoydhekhe
Impé- Ratrice
Alan goyco auttp
hank is not a dog
Zoe the Pop star!
Alan goyco goyco technically he is a dog, he’s just wearing a shark costume!🦈
Firenooki Évvel
I think you guys should upgrade the whole game to be more like how Talking Tom Hero Dash looks Examples: More shadows, the water should look more like water, and windows should be more shiny
•Katia_ kawaii•
Yesss you talking tom gold run 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😻😻😻💖💖👏👏👏
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳 Update game.. yahoo
Cecilia Elizabeth Cerritos
Es muy bonito es nuevo trailer 🤗🤗
Mili Sen
Mili Sen Évvel
Shimaa Saad 34
I really want an underwater uptade of talking tom jetski 2.
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳 So Amazing
Donnell Carter
Asmita pun magar
Gpass Gaming
Gpass Gaming Évvel
Shark hank gold gold
Did dfg hisab
Kawaiilice Évvel
I have a problem with my talking angela, since I have downloaded it, I have a file with all the photos of the publisite is a video with a person who did not know "no" of the head is the title is "good job" Please accept, ladies, sir, my most distinguished greeting. kawaiilice
mark mitra
mark mitra Évvel
Why you delete fly talking tom
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
@mark mitra oh..
mark mitra
mark mitra Évvel
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
Dark Slicer21ツ
You know in my talking Tom and my talking Angela I’m getting really frustrated and so is every body else because of the ADS if an ad pops up I just take the tab away and never play it because of how ANNOYING THEM ARE please could you take them AWAYThan you
Zoe the Pop star!
I know what you mean, advertisements can be very annoying!
Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing
My favorite character is frosty tom, if i in the sea, i gonna say That was AMAZING!
Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing
@Prottasha T I don't want to tell you it's secret
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
@Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing what is your name?
Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing
@Prottasha T I'm fine thanks
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
Frosty Tom Hi.. How are you?
Brenda Bella Rose
Prottasha T
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*Dear Tom* , I am *So happy* Beacause I have *1000+ Subscribers..* But Now I want To *Get Silver Button* .. Help me.. Plz *Subscribe me* 😢😢😢😊😊
Elisabeth Vega
Julio y jajajajajajajajajajajaja
Mr.Roy Sebastian
Nice was a update app of TTGR...!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Maria jose santos silva
Generic game =v
Tom Ginger Gaming
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
*I watch this video Lately for network problem..* 😢😢
Prottasha Tasnim jmj7 jn6 yn6;nh(nhnn
Prottasha T
Prottasha T 4 hónapja
@mahmoud abdelfattah Hi
mahmoud abdelfattah
@Prottasha T yahoo.com has been an important part in our lives and
mahmoud abdelfattah
و قول الله تعالى أن يتغمدها برحمته ويسكنها فسيح جناته ويلهم اهلها في مصر اصل الخطين معايا هنا مش مسجل علي خير وبالتوفيق للجميع ضيف كرسي متحرك اي ان شاء الله خير مفيش تعب قلبي البريدية ليصلك جديد المدونة و دودو حبيبي والله ما أمكن منفصله ماشي يا خدامه من الحاج خالد وأي مصاريف شغل خدها من الحاج خالد وأي مصاريف شغل خدها من الحاج خالد الحساب
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
@Russia the savage countryhuman No..It is so good. Love it
Алина Капланова
Я одна тут русская?😂
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
.... 😊😊
awesome video 😄😄😄😄
Mohsin Memon
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m.hurun.info/one/ca2R0pszWrJXEpzH0hzhiw?guided_help_flow=3 my channel thanks
Rochelle Reeves
Rochelle Reeves 7 hónapja
@Prottasha T egv7yfkv0 00⁶⁶h
Prottasha T
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Hello My friend.. Lalaina..
VĐ Channel Đ
Có ai sub chéo ko
Rebbecah Israel
LoL Amazing
Olive Seashell Perra
I have that game
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
*I also have..*
zozozo Brawl
zozozo Brawl Évvel
Mustari Hossen Sheba
New update,old game?
Mimi Rihab
Mimi Rihab 5 hónapja
Mustari Hossen Sheba
@Prottasha T okay
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
@Mustari Hossen Sheba Mistake..
Mustari Hossen Sheba
@Prottasha T so why are you told ''new game.. not old game''?
Prottasha T
Prottasha T Évvel
@Mustari Hossen Sheba I know that..
Gameplay Android One
Nice Video
Fun Is fun
Fun Is fun Évvel
The update is so awesome😁😁😁😁
Futbol TV
Futbol TV Évvel
Oynini oynaylik
Prottasha T
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So cool too 😉
Rubbia Zaman
Rubbia Zaman Évvel
Sub =sub
naved saher
naved saher Évvel
Nice👍👍😍 dive ...... dive ...... And dive
Shimaa Saad 34
When is Episode 4 gonna upload?
ANKANA GUHA 8 hónapja
@No more why not
ANKANA GUHA 8 hónapja
You mean talking tom and friends well umm season 4 has ended and season 5 is gonna start soon can't wait
Shimaa Saad 34
@No more You are not good
No more
No more Évvel
Oh I don't like season 4
ปิ่น บอ.
srinivas snc
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Technical Update
Wow So Nice Video, Dosto Kya Aapko Bhi Ye Video Pasand Aaya ? 1. Haaaa ( Like ) 2. Nahiii ( Comment )
Kevin Breemans
Marion Holwas
Yousef Gaming
والله كثير بحبك يا توم 1000
LiselTV Games
Prottasha T
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