Talking Tom Camp - Tactical Pranks (Tutorial 3) 

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Do you want to win the water fight? Then you have to know how to use your Tactics! That’s right - it’s Tactics for the win!
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Talking Tom
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Which of the Tactics in Talking Tom Camp is your favorite?
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Rocket Men
LJWO Random
LJWO Random 2 évvel
I want something, I want 2 New Troops: *Daddy Troop* Water Resistance: *2000* Damage: *1000* Troop Capacity: *14* (one available) Training Time: *2.07 seconds* Favourite Target: *The one with most resistance or the one with pink fume* Speed: *Slow* Range: *Close* Damage Tipe: *Area Splash* The Daddy Troops smashes a wood stick with hot water that cause damage, he also summons a *Water Kid* after smashing He can be upgraded until *Level 3* *Water Kid* Water Resistance: *75* Damage: *125* Troop Capacity: *1* Training Time: *0 seconds* Favourite Target: *The one with less resistance or the one with pink fume* Speed: *Fast* Range: *Lobber* Damage Tipe: *Area Splash* The Water Kidr lobs water ice buckets that cause damage and freeze defences so the defences can't attack troops, he can be summoned by the *Daddy Troop* He can be upgraded until *Level 15* That is the perfect plan
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Rocket Tips: first attack catapult and relax
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My tree house is being upgraded to level 7
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A camp Tom
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For some reason I can’t play this game.
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Online or offline
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Dung la con cho may không chi cách lam Sao de kết ban trong gam nay di me may
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🎉❤ Happy toys our channel is very fun 🎈 Dont forget to subseribe 🎈🌼❤
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Water fight
LJWO Random
LJWO Random 2 évvel
They could update the game The *Puddle* can be upgraded until *Level 10*, I have one in *Max Level* which is *Level 5*
Your local Paza
Your local Paza 2 évvel
I know that.I love the game.
anas abadi jumat
So thats the prank😀 good idea
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1 pergunta cade a atualização e novidades?
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Its not tactic. But speeellll
منوعات الربيعي.
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Então que letra é essa chinês é
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the best of luck to tom for your platinum future
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Goonga tom
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My favorite game is talking tom I love it😄
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My talking angela we are Student
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я играю в анжелу.
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talking Angela the cutest
Hey Tom!
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السلام عليكم ورحمة حلو
Talking :3 Tom :3
I love your voice talking tom friend
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Talking tom camp friends
Start Girls Dance Shool
Wow very good
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عالی بود
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que aburrido
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Amazing!!!! :^)
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l Love Your Videos Talking Tom👍❤
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Pofavor oigan un nuevo HERUE
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quee hacen no entiendo nada
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Silvina Elsesser jajaajajx2
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Talking tom is my favourate game
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Wow, this video is so well made, good job!
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talking Tom
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My favorit talking Tom
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Congratulations Talking Tom for 6 Million subscribers
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Great video. I found it very infomative.
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Phim hoat hinh
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so funny 😉 🐦
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ótimo só demora de carregar
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MajoyManu Channel
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My favorite Talking Tom game is Tom camp
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e farming jaj pur
My favourite cartoon
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A angela e esperta.
Hello Talking Tom
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Eduardo clash kklkkkkkkkkkk,
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emocionante te amo te amo juego de Tom Ángela Ángela Ángela la perdió la perdió la perdió la
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1st par0s
Minecraft, but if I laugh I die
Winter in Jorvik! ❄️
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