💙 Talking Tom vs. Talking Angela 💖 - Cartoon Shorts Compilation 

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Are you ready for adventures in love and anger with Talking Tom and Talking Angela?! It’s going to be EPIC. There are laughs. Bubble battles with pirates. Space trips. Road trips. Romance, anger, and SO MUCH MORE, all in this awesome 13-episode compilation. So grab the popcorn and let’s get this Shorts adventure started!
🍪 Cookie War (Episode 13)
🎶 Operation Opera (Episode 15)
🧳 The Art of Packing (Episode 17)
🚗 Hit the Road (Episode 20)
👋 My Turn! (Episode 14)
🛒 The Last Cereal (Shopping Drift)(Episode 32)
🧹 Super Suction (Episode 19)
💕 Who's the Boss?! (Episode 12)
📚 Attack of the Bookworm (Episode 18)
🚀 Tangled in Space (Planet Hop) (Episode 28)
🎈 Balloon Battle (Episode 31)
🏴‍☠️ Power Pirates (Episode 22)
💃🏽 Save Me! (Episode 23)
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